to Vacant Home Tax Declaration Deadline

Toronto Vacant Home Tax Declaration Deadline

Monday Feb 05th, 2024


Toronto Vacant Home Tax Declaration Deadline:  Ensure Compliance by Month End

Due: February 29, 2024



Discover the crucial deadline approaching for Toronto residents - the vacant home tax declaration. Designed to combat the housing crisis and boost rental availability, this tax requires property owners to declare the occupancy status of their homes. In this blog post, we'll delve into the essential details of Toronto's vacant home tax declaration and its significance for homeowners and the city at large.

Understanding the Vacant Home Tax in Toronto:

Toronto's vacant home tax, also known as the Vacant Home Tax Program, aims to address housing affordability and availability by deterring property owners from leaving their homes unoccupied. By declaring the status of their residential properties, owners indicate whether they are vacant or occupied.

Key Dates and Deadlines:

Don't miss the declaration period for Toronto's vacant home tax! Starting at the beginning of the year and closing on the last day of February, it's vital for property owners to meet this deadline to avoid penalties and fines. Take action promptly and complete your declaration by month end.

Who Needs to Declare?

All owners of residential properties in Toronto must make a declaration regarding the occupancy status of their properties. This includes homeowners, landlords, and investors with vacant residential properties within the city. Failing to declare may result in penalties and increased scrutiny from city authorities.

How to Declare:

To make your vacant home tax declaration, access the official City of Toronto website or visit the designated section in the "Account" settings of our website. There, you'll find the necessary forms and instructions to complete the declaration process. Provide specific property details, including the address, ownership information, and occupancy status.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Non-compliance with the vacant home tax declaration carries serious consequences. Owners who fail to declare or provide false information may face penalties, fines, and heightened scrutiny from city authorities. Failure to comply with the tax may also result in the imposition of the vacant home tax itself, creating a significant financial burden.

Impact on the Housing Market:

Toronto's vacant home tax aims to increase rental property availability and alleviate the strain on the housing market. By motivating property owners to occupy or rent out their vacant homes, the tax addresses housing affordability and reduces the number of unoccupied properties. This can ultimately boost the supply of rental housing, offering more options for individuals and families seeking affordable accommodation.


Don't overlook the impending vacant home tax declaration deadline in Toronto. Take action now to comply with the requirements and contribute to the city's efforts in tackling the housing crisis. By declaring the occupancy status of your residential property, you play a part in increasing rental availability. Remember, meeting the deadline is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure compliance with the vacant home tax.

Visit the city of Toronto's Vacant Home Tax web page here: Vacant Home Tax

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