The Most Attractive Trait in Business

The Most Attractive Trait in Business

Saturday Sep 16th, 2023


Self-confidence is one of the greatest traits an entrepreneur can have. People can mistake confidence for arrogance, but authentic self-confidence is something much different – and far more powerful. Here’s how you can start to grow your confidence and achieve phenomenal success in business and in life:

Confidence is not the absence of doubt

Everyone suffers from a lack of confidence sometimes – we all experience doubt. The truth is, confidence isn’t the absence of doubt, it’s the attitude and energy you bring in the midst of doubt. As Kobe Bryant once said, “We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it, but you also don’t capitulate to it.” To build authentic self-confidence, you have to tackle your doubts at the deepest levels because that’s where they’re buried. If you give credence to those doubts, your actions will be dictated by them. Instead, simply accept that you’ll have doubts from time to time, but never believe them or give in to them.

Past accomplishments can help you make breakthroughs

When you’re feeling full of doubt, a great phrase to remember is ‘I did it before, I can do it again.’ If you feel unsure or on shaky ground, think back to some achievement you made in your past and then tap into the confidence that achievement gave you. In what circumstances were you confident before? What traits did you display at that time? Did you wander aimlessly or were you hyper-focused on your goals, for example? No-one feels sure of themselves in every situation, of course, but you can build your self-confidence by focusing on your past accomplishments and the breakthroughs you’ve already made – and then arm yourself with the knowledge that you’re capable of replicating that.  

Believe in your future

To build self-confidence, first you need a vision you can believe in. What are your goals? Where exactly do you want to go and how are you planning to get there? Second, you need to lean into the people who believe in you. Who has your back, no matter what? Confident people tend to have someone in their corner, whether it’s a mentor, a parent, a family member or a coach. Lastly, if you want to become more confident, you need to become reliable.  When you’re reliable, your customers trust you, believe in you and begin to refer you to other people. As Stephen Covey said, “If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy.”


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