The Greatest

The Greatest

Thursday Jul 13th, 2023


"The Greatest"

Many of you know, I followed my fathers foot steps and also worked as a linesman in the NHL. The highlight of my career is quite simple and easy to share. Shorty after beginning my time in the NHL I quickly began to realize just how special my father was to so many. The level of respect and admiration people had for him was incredible. If it was not for my career in the NHL, I would not have this profound level of appreciation for his accomplishments, accolades & legacy. This man will never be forgotten and will always be remembered as "The Greatest" official ever to step on the ice in the history of this game. I can say this with all the confidence in the world.

So I send love & thanks to the individuals who gave me the opportunity to follow in my dads foot steps and give me the privilege to experience his GREATNESS.

It is a blessing for me to share this with you and it was a blessing for me to experience how my father left so many of you "touched, moved and inspired".

God bless you Dad. I love and miss you very much. 

Your #1 fan, Angelo


Kevin Boschert Jul 13, 2023
I had the honor of meeting your father on numerous occasions while I was a linesman in the IHL. He was one of many retired NHL Officials who continues their career by supervising officials at various l professional levels of hockey. I always respected his advice and suggestions.
Billy Hunt Jul 14, 2023
Your Dad was an instructor at Bruce Hood's first school of officiating in Guelph (1972??) and I was a very eager student. I learned so much from him, Bruce, Ron Wicks, Wil Norris and others.. But to be in the presence of the legendary John D'Amico? WOW! That was far more than a learning situation; that was awe inspiring. His recommendation helped me get started as a linesman in the Central Hockey League and lead to 31 seasons in professional hockey officiating. I am extremely glad that i had the opportunity to thank him for his help years after our first meeting. I am certain that he was very proud of your officiating and of the man that you have become. All the very best and continued success Angelo.

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