Pasta Alla Genovese by Joshua

Pasta Alla Genovese by Joshua

Tuesday Jun 13th, 2023


Here is Joshua making "Pasta Alla Genovese". A must try for every Italian food enthusiast. 

Pasta Alla Genovese:

Slow cooked sauce originating from Napoli in the 1400’s! A simple & delicious dish.

Ingredients:  -Stewing Beef  -1 Cup of white wine  -1 Carrot  -1 Celery  -4 Onions

How to:  1. Sauté carrots & onions  2. Brown the meat  3. Add the wine  4. Now add the onions  5. Cook on high for 5 mins  6. Reduce heat, cover the pot, simmer for 5 hours

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