Josh's 5 Bullet Friday

Josh's 5 Bullet Friday

Friday Jul 28th, 2023


Josh's 5 Bullet Friday

It is the last Friday of the month.  Here is your monthly dose of “Five Bullet Friday”. A list of a few things I'm thinking about or exploring.

  • Short Article I Read: -Mortgage lenders brace for 'challenge' when borrowers face renewal crunch (click to view)

    Banks & Credit Unions are dealing with customers and increased financial costs of hundreds of dollars. Some solutions are increased payments for variable rate mortgage holders, or increased amortization lengths in effort to keep monthly debt down. Banks are preparing for 2025-2026 when fixed payment mortgage holders will have to renew. They can see a $500-$1500 monthly payment increase. It's important to be in conversation with your portage provider ahead of time to plan correctly.


  • Quote I’m Pondering:
    “Concentrate every minute like a Roman— on doing what’s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness, tenderly, willingly, with justice. And on freeing yourself from all other distractions.” - Marcus Aurelius

    So what’s distracting you? What’s preventing you from focusing on the things that matter? Why can’t you focus on this moment here—like a Roman, like a dutiful citizen and an adult? What emotions are you letting cloud your judgment? What keeps you from being truthful, generous, and even-tempered?


  • Listing Of the Week: - 91 Twenty Sixth Street - Etobicoke (click to view) 

    This is a prime south Etobicoke home for sale. Walking distance to Lakeshore for restaurants and shopping. A great neighborhood to raise a family in. It comes with a generous size backyard. It is in excellent shape and ready to make home! Let’s go see it in person!


  • Film I Watched At The Theatre
    Sound of Freedom 2023 (click to view) 
    This is a powerful film, highly emotional, strong acting & an important message. The story of child trafficking across the globe. Hollywood did not want this movie out and they are doing everything they can to suppress it. However, it is playing in Toronto theaters. Highly recommended. 


If you have been reading these 5 bullet Fridays for some time now, you will notice I have shared this playlist before. But, we have some new readers so I am sharing it once again. This is a great dinner playlist with Mediterranean vibes. Some Italian, French, Spanish & Greek music on here. This is a great playlist for a quiet night of cooking or hosting a dinner party during the warm summer months.

Much love to you and yours,


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